Welcome! Thanks for visiting my site. I am an animal lover and really appreciate how unique they all are. I create portraits painted in acrylic on canvas or panel. Working from photographs, I enjoy helping clients obtain a true likeness of their beloved pets. A portrait can be a wonderful way to honor a pet whether they are living or deceased. If they have already passed it can help to keep their memory alive. Curious about a commission? Please get in touch!

Example of a good photo taken in window light. Shows details such as texture and eyes. Also, taken on cats level makes him look majestic. 

Allow 3-4 weeks. 


Paintings and Drawings

Example of what would not work well for a portrait. We can't see details on front of cats since the light comes from above and behind. 

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BOON resting at the top of Savin Hill Park.

Acrylic on panel

16 x 12 inches

Great photo taken outdoors on a sunny  day. The whole body is visible which allows for more options such as a portrait head or a whole body.

More student work on instagram

Commissioning Process:

1. Locate at least one photo of your pet.

I can work with you to help select best options from your photos. Good images include great lighting. Photos taken outdoors or inside by a window work best. It's also helpful to see the pet on their level.
Once I have your photos we can work together to choose the composition and size of painting.  

How to send photos:
Choose one or more options.
*Email or text me photos. 
*Share a photo library online.
*Lend me your printed photos. 

For an additional fee I am available to take your pet’s photograph for a more distinctive portrait. I often work from a series of photos in my own work. 

​2. Select Size

Pricing for painted portrait on canvas or panel:
8x8       $300
8x10     $475
9x12     $675
11x14   $900
12x16   $1,200
16x20   $1,500
20x20   $1,650
Custom sizes are available. I work with Fort Point Framers for my custom frames. Prices vary. 

Sales tax not included

3. A 50% deposit is due up front with the remainder due at completion.

4. I'll show you two shots of the painting while it is in process. This will give us a chance to add or omit color, contrast and/or texture.